Saturday, October 17, 2009

17 October (r29376): Date and Time

This is the first of probably and hopefully many posts detailing Chromium OS changes, which I'll be summing incrementally. Instead of talking here about all the differences between Chromium OS and normal Chromium, I'll just point you to these two: and This is a couple days newer than those two links.

This change brought two minor changes: 1) The menu shown by clicking the clock now has an option to "Open date and time options...", and 2) a Timezone selector in the options menu. Clicking the Timezone selector offers shows the many timezone options.

Some other changes: I don't know if it was this way before, but popup windows seem to open in new tabs instead of separate GtkWindows.

Download revision 29376: Extract the chromium-os-rxxxxx.tgz archive and run chromium-os. To get the many translations, extract chromium-os-i18n-rxxxxx.tgz and move the files to the locales/ folder. To get the HTML element inspector, extract chromium-os-inspector-rxxxxx.tgz and move the inspector/ folder to the resources/ folder (create it if necessary).
r27396.diff (21.9kb)


  1. The decision to open popups as tabs makes even more sense if the browser is to be the front-end for the whole OS. Nice!

    I've updated that earlier post with a link to this blog, so hopefully people start noticing. :P

  2. Yes, it's a very good decision IMO. I wonder how it'll handle incognito windows, though. Same window, but darker tabs? o_O

    And thanks for the link :)

  3. That's one way of doing it. They could also go the Mozilla route and only allow the user to have one or the other at any given time. Or they could just have some way of switching between the two.

  4. I like Incognito in that I can have two different accounts for the same website (especially Google) at the same time, and it's only a ctrl-shift-n away!
    Though considering how the options dialog is a separate window, I wonder how that (and the bookmarks manager and editor and others) will be dealt with. Either they'll be modal so you can't use any other Chromium window or (probably better) there's a submenu for all the windows in the status bar menu in the top right.

  5. Just out of curiosity, what gtk2 theme are you using?

  6. Either Dust or Dust Burnt, with modified colors.