Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Chromium OS Menu

(Note: I don't know how long this has been the case. I think it's recent)
Previously, the page for the main menu would be inaccessible to anyone without an email address (read: Google employees only). That page now redirects to, and it only needs any Google account. If you use the Developer Tools ... thing, you can make a sidebar visible.

What's interesting is that the file browser entry links to, which I think was used in the original presentation of Chrome OS. Instead of having some cool integration with Microsoft Office files, it directly linked to Microsoft's Live editor. (Pretty weak, I know.) Obviously that feature's still in development.


  1. Cool.
    Exactly how do you make that sidemenu visible?
    Care to share?

  2. Also would be cool to say where is the file browser showed at the screenshots, because the Chromium browses through the file:/// protocol and the UI presented is not very user-friendly =/
    PS: posting by Chromium OS running in virtual machine, and despite the system performance liking a lot =D very good work done 'til now, google, congratulations !
    PS2: go, magalmovel! go!

  3. @Anon1: Google seems to have taken down the page, going to /menu just redirects to /. But I right-clicked on the page -> Inspect Element, found the sidebar element, and modified the CSS to remove display: none.

    @Anon2: Yes, file:///... is quite ugly. chrome://filebrowse (no r) is the new file browser URL.