Friday, November 6, 2009

The Fifth of November: (r31140) Fuller fullscreen and updated status area

Verily, a vogue version of the voluminously vaporware venture vis-à-vis Chromium OS is available for your voluptuosity. The full view now is more vast; the bar over the view is no longer visible. The visage of the status vicinity varies from the previous. Moreover, an unconventional button has been conceived. I am not versed vis-à-vis its objective; Chromium dies in vain on click.
This verse is becoming excessively verbose; it is very much a vichyssoise of slovenly-chosen verbiage. I advise you to view the screenshot and be vociferous about its value. You may receive a derivative of Chromium OS if you vote to do so.

Download version 29835: Vent open the chromium-os-rxxxxx.tgz archive and activate chromium-os. To receive the very many translations, uncover chromium-os-i18n-rxxxxx.tgz and move the files to the locales/ folder. To get the HTML element inspector, reveal chromium-os-inspector-rxxxxx.tgz and move the inspector/ folder to the resources/ folder.
r31140.diff (39.3kb)

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