Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the Thirteenth: Lots

This has certainly been an exciting week in the Google WebTM. Google introduced the Go Programming Language which may be related to Native Client. NaCl has been making significant progress in Chromium. Google also announced the SPDY protocol to be a faster replacement to HTTP. Google's cloud storage greatly increased. A posting speculates of Linux and Mac betas of Chrome available in December. TechCrunch claims to have reason to believe that the full version of Chrome OS will be officially available within a week. However, most relevant to this blog is the appearance of a file browser in Chromium OS. I updated my copy of Chromium and got the start of the file browser. (For now) Unfortunately, it uses more bits of the cros library that are as of yet unavailable, so there is no real functionality. But I do have a screenshot of it:

Some observations: the link appears to go to the '/home/chronos' folder, which is nonexistent. I don't know if this means Chromium OS has some cool time-bending feature, or if it's just an odd typo. However, in the status bar 'descend' is misspelled as 'decend'.

Also of note, which has been around for a bit though I failed to mention it last time is that Chromium OS cannot open external protocol (eg chat, apt, etc) links. Screenshot:

The window is being drawn by Chromium instead of the window manager, like with the about dialog. This leads me to further believe that all dialogs will have this window border.

I do not have downloads available currently, as I do not currently have enough time to prepare them. I hopefully will tomorrow. And yes, the close button in the screenshot is different. I personally prefer the older window buttons (which were replaced around the time of the Glen incident) to the newer ones, so I will have a separate build for that next time.

PS: If you miss Glen's head watching you, pass --glen to the Chromium command line on any recent enough Chromium on Linux.
PPS: I finally got my Google Wave invite from the kind folks at Google! If you wish to contact me, my username is sharkbaitbobby(at)

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